Clarinette Staccato


Full Name: Clarinette Stella Staccato
Family Nickname: Crack Shack
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 21 at start, 23 on twitter
Hair: Brown and free
Eyes: Brown
Religion: Mewist
Place of Birth: Floaroma, Sinnoh


Clarinette was always a contentious, aggressive child, and when she left on her Pokemon Adventure at ten, it wasn’t long before she gained a rival – Damien. For nine years, she travelled across Kanto, and even a little into Johto, gaining badges and hounded at every step by Damien. Sometimes she beat him, and sometimes he beat her. Their even skill only heightened the vitriol in their rivalry, to the point where the journey became more about beating each other than beating the League. When she finally reached Victory Road, he wasn’t far behind, and they rage-fought nearly every other day, going off to their own corners to nurse their wounds, then seeking each other out in the hopes of getting to one another before the other had time to heal. After months of this, Clarinette and Damien made a bargain in the heat of battle that whoever lost this time had to do what the other person wanted, and Clarinette won. From that point on, when they met, they would battle ferociously, then engage in furious sexual activity chosen by the winner. When they finally reached the Elite Four, Clarinette discovered that she had predictably become teen pregnant. Out of some insane mixture of passion, strange affection, and desire to be able to battle each other at the drop of a hat, Damien and Clarinette decided to keep the child and get married. They now have a son named Sid and live in a flat at the Indigo League, where they both work.

On November 21, both her and her husband were killed in a landslide on Victory Road.

Clarinette Staccato

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