Full Name: Elial
Gender: Male
Species: Lucario
Age: 9 at start, 11 now
OT: Sonata Staccato
Trainer ID: 16826
Caught in: Poke Ball
Worn Item: Collar
Nature: Docile
Ability: Inner Focus
Egg hatched
Moveset: Dragon Pulse – Close Combat – Aura Sphere – Dark Pulse
Pokerus: Positive but inert


If intelligence were an IV, Elial’s would be 1. Fifty piece puzzles frustrate him. It took him three years just to figure out how to work a remote control. Despite being a Steel type, Elial managed to poison himself once by eating a copious amount of Energy Roots in an effort to be so healthy that he would not take damage ever again. The first time Elial ever saw a game system, he broke it because he thought the ‘game’ was swinging it around by the controllers. Fortunately, the stupidity that keeps him from comprehending any and all of his body’s warning signs lets him battle far beyond what most Pokemon’s survival instinct allows them to, making him a surprisingly tough fighter, and as long as Elial is a tough fighter, Sonata is willing to do his thinking for him.

When he was newly seventeen, Sonata received an egg from a man in a Pokemon Centre who was trying to drink up the courage to destroy it so he could avoid the responsibility of raising his teen pregnant Riolu’s baby. Though he originally planned on selling the resulting infant, when Elial hatched, Sonata instantly knew there was no way he could get rid of him. Elial has never known anything but Sonata, and craves his approval and love more than anything else in life. This makes him jealous of his boss, and mean towards anyone and anything he sees as a threat to his relationship with him, especially Fiel, who does the most for Sonata and was his first Pokemon, and Milanda, whose human female charms Elial cannot compete with.

Elial looks very much like any other Lucario. He is average in both height and build. However, his aura-sensing dreadlocks are smaller than those of most other Lucarios, and his fur is very ragged and scruffy due to his hard living. Elial wears a dark blue collar with a circular gold tag on it. This was a gift from Sonata.


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