Full Name: Lefiel
Gender: Male
Species: Gardevoir
Age: 12 at start, 14 now
OT: Sonata Staccato
Trainer ID: 16826
Caught in: Premier Ball
Worn Item: Smart Contest ribbon wrapped around his held item, an Amulet Coin
Nature: Docile
Ability: Synchronize
Met at Lv. 4
Moveset: Hypnosis – Thunderbolt – Psychic – Dream Eater
Pokerus: Positive but inert


Fiel is what happens when luck forgets someone. He was born to a tribe of Gardevoir just outside of Veilstone city and was quickly ascertained to be a runt. For the first two years of his life, he was picked on mercilessly by the other Ralts, partially because of the way his tiny, frail body contrasted with his humonguous hat and horns, and partially because he has such a hittable face. He came to dream that he would be captured by a human and finally appreciated for his real value. When a teenager managed to corner him one day and started talking about the magical adventures they would have, Fiel couldn’t imagine that his life could get any worse, and he let himself be caught.

As it turned out, he was wrong. So very wrong.

At first, things were all right. From his first night in his new home, Fiel discovered that his master was both incredibly poor and dangerously mentally unstable. No matter! They were going to find glory together! At least he was valued! Even when his owner, Sonata, caught a Misdreavus, at least he didn’t have to eat scraps already picked over by the other Ralts. That all changed when that egg his master got hatched. The little Riolu, so stupid yet so strong, dominated what little affection Sonata had to give. Little snarky comments turned into harsh insults, and expectations of his responsibility increased dramatically. Fiel lost more and more respect over time, and now, twelve years later, even Milanda can’t talk to him without bossing him around.

Fiel does all the grunt work for Sonata’s merry band. Any time he is not working, he is probably sleeping.

Clothes Fiel has worn:
Maid outfit
Nurse uniform
Red bikini
Team Rocket uniform
Old woman costume
Nun’s habit


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