Forte Staccato


Full Name: Forte Maxwell Staccato
Family Nickname: Dad’s Basement
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 22 at start, 24 on twitter
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Dark blue
Clothing: Blue trenchcoat, black leather pants, black hiking boots
Religion: Mewist
Place of Birth: Floaroma, Sinnoh
Pokemon: None. Humans don’t have any right to catch Pokemon!


Forte lives in a cave with a bird in a nest made out of his clothes and is still not considered to be the craziest person in the Staccato family. When he was ten, instead of leaving to become a Pokemon Master, Forte went to Kanto and became a radical conservationalist, bombing oil rigs, chaining himself to Sudowoodo, and freeing Pokemon from science labs. When he was sixteen, the eco-terrorist group he was in sent him to the Seafoam Islands to protest Blaine building his gym there, and he quickly became lost. Freezing, starving, and with no way to contact the outside world, Forte thought he was going to die until a beautiful blue bird appeared before him and led him to its nest, which was stocked with food and in a part of the cave that was warmed by a hot spring. There, it ushered him up to a crystalline blue egg, then flew off. Almost immediately, the egg began to hatch. Though the hatchling likely would have killed him had he backed away or shown any kind of hesitation, Forte was too weak to do so. Instead, he ate some of the food and huddled close to the baby Articuno. From that point on, Forte has lived in that nest with the Articuno and has never looked back, though society certainly looks twice at him.

Forte facts:
-he has written or contributed to most of the Pokedex entries on Articuno.
-his parents try to send him new clothes once or twice a year due to the frequency with which he turns them into nesting material. His leather clothes and eco-terrorist jacket, however, are exempt from this.
-Forte is the child Ben and Elise consider most eligible and keep suggesting Milanda get together with.
-Forte and Sonata do not get along very well.
-Forte rides Articuno, but does not believe in catching it, because Articuno is its own master.
-Forte has an Articuno costume.
-Articuno has come to some of the Staccato family Christmases.
-Forte’s favourite sibling was Clarinette. As Ben puts it, they ‘inherited their mother’s sullenness.’

Forte Staccato

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