Handless Joe


Full Name: Joseph ‘Handless Joe’ Dalton
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: ~40
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Facial hair: Brown
Hands: Absent
Pokemon: A Haunter named Handsy


Handless Joe has no hands.

He was born with only one to begin with. His other arm ended in a stump. When the war started, he was fresh out of school and the army was taking anyone, even people with only one hand. He’d had a Gastly since he was a young boy, and this went to war with him. But Gastly and Joe saw things there, things no one should ever see, and Joe came back having traded his only hand for PTSD.

Gastly, however, came back with hands.

Afterward, Joe couldn’t keep a job or a home. Though he had some veteran’s benefits, he spent all of his money on drugs and alcohol to keep the memories at bay. It wasn’t long before he ended up with neither a job nor a home, which Joe found to be relatively easy to live with thanks to his army training. Unlike many people, Joe flourished on the streets. The things civilized (and not so civilized) people will do in front of homeless people are astounding, and since Joe already had connections, the hardest thing about becoming a dealer instead of a user was staying sober – well, more often than not, anyway.

But Joe, by then known to be Handless, had talents. He was hardened, obedient, resourceful and tenacious. Over time, he came to be well-trusted and gained importance, despite the fact that he lived nowhere and had little ambition. When he moved up from drug dealing, he chose his own replacement in the area, a failed trainer with a Cyndaquil, and when she eventually got a job as a stripper, he managed to convince his superiors that a homeless youth he knew should take over. And that was how Sonata began his life of crime.

What his grandfather and his stay in the mental hospital didn’t teach Sonata about the government, Handless Joe did. For a long time, Handless Joe was Sonata’s only non-family friendship. They did many jobs together and stayed in touch even after Handless Joe bought a cabin and started running illegal Pokemon death matches out of his basement. It wasn’t long before Handless Joe’s underground ring was busted, though, and he was sent to jail for a few years, during which time they lost contact.

In the end, it was the counselling he received in jail which allowed Handless Joe to finally move on from his role in the war and become rehabilitated. When he was released, Joe moved to Unova and married a woman named Alicia. Together, they have one daughter, Tanith, and another on the way. He still visits Sinnoh often, though, and when he does, he is just as Handless as ever.

Handless Joe facts:
-It was Sonata who christened Handless Joe’s Haunter ‘Handsy.’
-Handless Joe got his name because there were three other Joes in the area he was in, and they needed a way to distinguish him from the rest (they already had a Homeless Joe.)
-Handless Joe’s Haunter acts as his hands. They have been together for so long that Handsy can anticipate his master’s needs as they happen. This made for a strange court case when the prosecutor had to convince the judge that even though it was Handsy who always pulled the trigger, it was Handless Joe who should go to jail.
-Handless Joe’s old gun is Milanda’s Something Borrowed.
-Handsy is the one who caught the bouquet at Handless Joe’s wedding. He was also the ringbearer, flower girl, Best Man and the one who put the ring on Alicia’s finger.

Handless Joe

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