Harold Vilon

Milanda's Father


Harold Kenneth Vilon is the Father of Milanda Marie Vilon.

Born to Agnes Maylor and Kenneth Vilon, Harold grew up in poverty of wealth, but due to the family having great land, they were never hungry, and lived in comfort, working the land. With great memory of the beautiful sunsets and an eye for how wonderful the land was, Harold began to develop and interest in photography, which, as a young adult would start to get him noticed, and he moved to the nearby town of Sandgem, and began working for a newspaper, getting photographs of news events, and eventually becoming a journalist. While visiting a local diner every day, he began to noticed Anne-Marie Almun, and asked her out after one of her late night shifts. Then the war broke out. Harold managed to avoid becoming a soldier, by becoming a reporter on the front lines.

Harold Vilon

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