Legato Staccato


Full Name: Legato Dominic Staccato
Family Nickname: Hospital Room
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 20 at start, 21 on twitter
Hair: Red and in dreadlocks
Eyes: Brown
Religion: Mewist
Place of Birth: Floaroma, Sinnoh
Coletto – Combusken
Fabian – Mawile
Undine – Cacturne
Nicodemus – Absol


Legato is Sonata’s favourite sibling. When Sonata was injured at school, it was Legato who tended to him, and when Sonata went adventuring, Legato was his most frequent travelling companion. Legato left home the same year Sonata did and spent six years as a Lost Child in Hoenn. When he finally realized that he wasn’t very good at this whole training thing, he applied to the prestigious Evergrande University, and when he couldn’t get any scholarships, Sonata paid his way. Legato finished his degree in three years, started a modestly successful accounting practice out of a condo in the suburbs, and for a while, he and his Pokemon lived a tame life.

Last year, when Sonata and Milanda saved Jamie, it was Legato who they sent Jamie to live with while he healed. Though the details are unknown to them, Sonata caught them getting to first base at the yearly Staccato Christmas party.

Legato Staccato

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