Milanda Vilon


Name:Milanda Marie Vilon
Age: age 19 at start, 21 currently
Eye: Green
Hair: Blonde
Height: 5’5
Birthday: October 25th
Dress: Her hair is kept barely combed, she wears a VERY worn green sweater, and equally raggy blue jeans, with a pair of white(stained to almost brown) sneakers for common wear. She has an over the shoulder ‘ammo belt’ modified to hold pokeballs, though she usually wears this only for official matches.
Titles: #27 in Gym Leader Weekly’s 50 Trainers to Follow, #6 in Pokemon Monthly’s 10 up-and-coming competitors, Champion of Sinnoh (Does not hold position), Gym Leader Weekly’s #1 ‘Where are they now?’ in the ‘Fallen stars’ Category. Wall of Fame at Big Dave’s House of Wings!. Pre-Gym Leader,
Special Abilities: Idiot Savant with an unnatural talent for Pokemon Battles, Ability to communicate with Pokemon (but only in person, recordings and through television do not work)


Milanda Marie Vilon is the only child of Anne-Marie Vilon and Harold Kenneth Vilon. Shortly after her birth her mother, a member of a religious sect believing Pokemon to be the sinners left behind when Humanity was made pure, moved their family into the woods near Twin Leaf town, away from what she believed to the corrupting influence of the outside world. As she grew, Milanda’s societal experiences were controlled by her Mother, the only other children she met were the young girls of other member of the church her mother attended, who Milanda was never able to form positive bonds with, finding them boring or catty. Her father was away for periods at this stage in her life, as his work as a journalist kept him on the go, though he made sure to be home at least a 3 weeks of the month. While young Milanda found the wild Pokemon around the home fascinating, and loved to play her with her ‘friends’, her mother would chase them away with force, often using a broom to attack the Pokemon, eventually the Pokemon in the area would decide the house was best avoided.

At the age of 4, Harold took Milanda to the beach at Lake Verity, while playing in the tides, a Tentacool washed up on the shore. Playing together for a short period of time, building sandcastles and the like. Becoming fast friends, Milanda decided to sneak the pokemon home and keep it as her own. Grabbing onto her back, Tentacool was brought home, and hidden under Milanda’s bed. Unfortunately, away from the water, and proper food, Tentacool dried out and died. Knowing her mother wouldn’t understand, Milanda turned to her father, who comforted Milanda, explaining death and assuring her it was not at all her fault. Together they buried Tentacool near Lake Verity, and Milanda learned from then on that while her father would never stand up to her Mother’s way of wanting things, she could trust him to support her. Her father’s assurances that it was not her fault did little to comfort Milanda, who held onto this loss well into her teen life.

At the age of ten, Milanda, like many youth, wanted to go and become a pokemon trainer. Packing all of her belongings into a large bag, as well as much food and water, she snuck out under the cover of night, leaving only a note explaining herself to her family. She made her way to Sandgem town, and chose her partner, a Chimchar she would name ‘Alliniere’ meaning ‘new journey’, a word her father used everytime He left on a new journey, both to honor and remember him. The very next day, Milanda caught her first wild pokemon, a Magikarp, with no difficulty at all, knowing it would grow into the very powerful Gyarados. That night, while walking to the pokemon center to heal her pokemon, a pair of thieves ran beside her and stole her bag, leaving her with only her pokemon. Days later, Milanda was reduced to eating scraps from garbage pails behind resturants, and was desperate to find a source of nutrition. Passing by a school of kids, outside eating lunch, she asked if they would be willing to share with her. They agreed…IF she could best them in a pokemon battle. She won, and in that moment, began to equate victory with survival. Deciding she had found her way to continue to eat, she went off into the tall grass, and observed the wild Starly for days, looking for the one that was the most fiesty, that wouldn’t let any other pokemon near it’s food… and knew THAT was the pokemon she had to catch. It was a firce battle, one only due to a lucky hit from a flailing Magikarp, allowing her to capture her third pokemon. For several days, she returned to the school at lunch, and quickly became known as the strongest trainer there, the children eventually refused to stop battling her… But Milanda didn’t stop think about battling. The more she and her pokemon fought, the more she saw how pokemon moved, the subtle little nuiances that could turn a battle one way or the other, The rest of what the world had to offer began to fall by the wayside to the thrill of victory, of being ‘the best’. One late night, Milanda saw the thief that had stolen her bag, and followed him to his Hideout, a small shack hastily built under an overpass. Milanda spotted her bag under a pile of other loot the thief had taken, and demanded it back. The thief laughed, and responded to her challenge of a pokemon battle by pulling a knife. She released what she THOUGHT was Alliniere’s pokeball, but in her panic grabbed Magikarp’s by accident. Magikarp, fearing for her trainer’s life and overwhelmed with rage at the man who was threatening her, evolved into a Gyarados, the Thief fled in panic, and Milanda reclaimed her bag.

During Milanda’s first Gym battle Alliniere evolved to a Monferno, and she treasured the Coal badge she would earn, pinning it to the front of her Bag. Alliniere and her were very close at this time, he would usually spend his time out of his pokeball, forgoing the rest just to spend time with his trainer.

On her way to the next town, Milanda encountered a young Ralts being beaten up and forced into exile by the rest of his clan, including, most shockingly, a tall and powerful Gallade. Milanda and her pokemon stood in defence of the Ralts, and fought off the herd of Psychic pokemon, in a battle that lead to Starly’s evolution into a Staravia.Capturing the very injured pokemon, and taking it to the nearest pokemon center, Alliniere, the mostly Milanda mostly understood, explained that he was being exiled because he was gay. Milanda’s father had always taught her that it is best to accept people as they are, or you end up with another Pokemon War, and she took this to heart, nurturing the ralts, and helping it become as strong as it could be. Being accepted as part of the group, and totally accepted helped Ralts evolve into a Kirlia. Kirlia would soon see the glamorous Pokemon Contests on TV, but before he could express a desire to compete in them, Milanda expressed that she felt the shows were vapid, as they reminded her of the girls her mother brought for her ‘playdates’ as a child, dressed up for the amusement of others, and expected to put on a show of perfection. Kirlia feared not being included in the group anymore, and stayed quiet about his desire to perform.

Milanda’s second gym battle was won with possibly even MORE ease then the first, her command of her pokemon was becoming almost seamless, and she began to develop a small reputation of the routes, as the 11 year old who had tamed a Gyarados, and soon nearly every trainer she encountered began to challenge her to battles. Milanda began to develop a battle lust, and having never lost a battle, started to feel that though everyone deserved a chance to fight her, they weren’t worthy of her time unless they could entertain her. After spending a day defeating a large group of kids, mercilessly knocking out each pokemon they sent out, a young woman with long blond hair challenged her on the behalf of the children. The trainer’s Garchomp fainted all of Milanda’s pokemon without question.Milanda was upset she lost, but knew that this trainer was at a whole different level.. a level she had to reach. The first step, was getting her OWN Garchomp, the strongest one she could find…

On her way to where her Pokedex told her she could find a Gible, Milanda stopped to win her third gym badge, the relic Badge, which was won with no difficulty thanks to Kirlia.

Arriving at Wayward Cave, Milanda prepared herself for what would become one of the most intense experiences of her life. Using Alliniere fora light and heat source, Milanda lived in the cave for 3 months, surviving by eating moss and bugs in the cave. She following every Gible she came across, looking for the most aggressive, strongest one she could find, the one that, like her, lived for the thrill of winning in battle. After finding the ‘leader’ of the herd of Gible, She began to attempt to capture it, but even as weakened as it had become, it would break the pokeballs Milanda threw at it, eventually, however, a premier ball did the trick.

Quickly, Milanda and this Gible, which she named Sharkbait, became partners, it adapted quickly to Milanda’s appraoch to battle, ‘Hit them hard so you only have to hit them once’, learning it’s most powerful techniques with ease. Alliniere, however, started to becme jealous of Sharkbait, believe that the newcomer was taking his place as Milanda’s favorite. During a day of training, what was supposed to be practice quickly became a real battle, in which both participats evolved to overcome the other, resulting in a narrow victory for Alliniere, the more experienced fighter. Milanda praised him for the victory, and them both for their evolutions.

Milanda’s 4th Gym Battle against Maylene was hard fought, due to Milanda’s insistence that her fighting pokemon was stronger then any of the gym leader’s. Alliniere made Milanda very proud, though it was a close bout.

Milanda recieved a birthday card from her mother at this time. Hoping to find words of apology inside, Milanda was upset to find that her mother’s idea of a birthday card included the phrase ‘you will burn in hell’, and a letter telling her that she was going to become a ‘full woman soon’, and as such needed to come home so she could learn the skills she would need to take care of a man. Furious at her mother’s lack of understanding of how much her pokemon journey meant to her, Milanda threw the card and letter away. Her mom would send her cards and letters like this for most of her life.

Milanda’s 5th gym battle against Crasher Wake was won with some difficulty due to a type disadvantage on her team, but Gyarados had been trained to use electrical attacks, giving her the victory.

Milanda had her first period while in Mt.Coronet at age 13. Her mother never really told her want to expect, because of her religious she disliked discussing the human body, so Milanda turned to her female pokemon, Sharkbait and Starraptor for some idea of what to do and expect. As a result, Milanda came to believe she would lay eggs if she mated with another human. This view was later corrected a doctor she would ask to be her private physician later in life, who explained to her how her body actually worked.

On her way to Canalave city, to battle for her 6th Gym Badge, Milanda decided she wanted to stop at home, missing her family( Well, her father). Going back to the old hosue she discovered that a new white fence had come up around the property lines. While at first, her Mother seemed very happy to see her, as soon as she noticed Milanda’s Pokemon, she began to hit them with a broom and chases them out of the house. Her father tried to calm Anne-marie down, but advised his daughter to leave the next morning. Kissing Milanda on her head, and telling her that he loved her, and to forgive her Mother, she was coming from a place of love, Milanda expressed her fustration that her father could be so weak, claiming to love her, while letting her mom throw her friends out of their house in the name of some God. Milanda discovered that her room hadn’t changed at all since she left it, save the size of the clothes and the bed, made to fit a girl roughly Milanda’s size. During a restless night, Kirlia levitated himself into Milanda’s 2ed floor bedroom through the window, and they had a conversation in which Milanda said that, no matter what, if her pokemon, or her children wanted to go live different lives from her own, she wouldn’t stop them like her mother tried to with her, and she wouldn’t ever throw someone away from being different either. Kirlia, who had feared his desire to have a family of Ralts himself some day, or his desire to enter contests would cause him to be exiled like he ahd been from his old herd, evolved into a Gardevoir, knowing he could never love Milanda more then he did at that moment.

In Canalave, Milanda took a trip to the Library, after hearing some people talking about the creation myths of Sinnoh, and she spent an extended period reading about their Legendary Pokemon. At tis moment, she decided that she would capture a legendary Pokemon someday, and become the strongest trainer to ever live.

Milanda’s 6th gym battle was won with her pokemon barely taking a hit, and lead to her being named in ‘Gym Leader Weekly’s 50 trainers to watch’ list, at number 27.

Milanda’s sexuality began to develop at this time (age 15), and like everything else, it became tied to her need to be the strongest, and she decided that she wanted kids that were JUST as strong as she was. She decided then that any future partner of hers would have to be able to defeat her in battle to be worthy of reproducing with her, also believing that this would never happen as she could not be beaten.

Milanda’s 7th gym battle was where she first saw the man who would become her first ‘boyfriend’ Micheal Young, he introduced himself after the victory, and expressed his interest in Legendary Pokemon and they would begin to call each other on a somewhat regular basis to talk about what they had discovered, and mutually agreeing that Girantina was the most interesting, because of it’s extra-dimensional properties.

Milanda wasted no time and won her 8th and final gym badge in short order, and set off to enter the pokemon league Championship, discovering she had missed the preliminaries for this year, and would have to wait until she was 16 to enter. She spent the year in intense training, living inside Victory road, and attracting other trainers who were in preparation for the league to challenge her. She also developed a small bit of sewing skill at this time, to repair her signature green sweater.

At the Pokemon league, Milanda attracted quite a bit of media attention. While quite a bit older then the famous Pokemon trainer, Red, her battles were known to be just as impressive to watch, and with no difficult, she found herself preparing to face the elite four, and the Champion, Cynthia.

Against Cynthia, she was at a disadvantage, with only a 5 pokemon team, for the first time in a long time, Milanda found herself against an equal in pokemon battle mastery, her pokemon fainting in battle for the first time in years. Coming down to Sharkbait versus Cynthia’s Garchomp, Sharkbait evolved to her final stage, and perhapse powered by Milanda’s refusal to lose, became one of exceptional size, standing at nearly 8 feet tall, and won the Match. Milanda Vilon was declared Champion of Sinnoh at the age of 17. She found it a comfortable job. For 8 months of the year she lived off a government salary, with total access to the league funds, as well as the massive personal wealth she had aquired as a trainer, an apartment at the league, what mattered most to Milanda, the constant challenge of strong trainers, and a Master Ball, promised to be able to catch any pokemon without fail.

Using the league funds, Milanda and Micheal bought a legendary artifact, said to have the ability to summon Girantina and set off on a trip up Mt.Coronet, which Micheal had determined, according to ancient legends, was a ‘gateway’ to Girantina’s realm. As they climbed the peak, Micheal proved himself very adept in survivalism, building shelters, catching food, and Milanda fell for him, seeing his as stronger then any trainer to kept to the cushy routes and slept in Pokemon Centers, and in an act of passion, gave her virginity to him. A week later they reached the summit, and as Milanda pulled the artifact from her bag, Micheal pulled a knife on her, and forced her to hand the item over, saying that he knew from the moment he saw her battle that one day she would be champion, he just had to get close to her, and she would give him everything he needed to catch Girantina, and become famous and powerful beyond any other trainer, but that she actually fell for him and gave herself to him was just icing on the cake.Milanda’s rage at this discovery, at being used and lied to, activated the artifact in Micheal’s hand, and opened the gateway, as promised. Girantina began to emerge into the world, it’s dark force consuming and destroying Micheal Young and the artifact.Girantina and began to feed on Milanda,her rage and pain, and replacing her nature with it’s own desire to consume the ‘real’ world. Milanda, fearing her own destruction, threw the Master Ball, capturing and containing the dark pokemon. It’s momentary existence in her mind caused Milanda’s memory of the event to become altered, and she remembered HERSELF being responsible for the death of Micheal Young. Recalling the Tentacool in her youth, Milanda convinced herself that Micheal was just trapped in Girantina’s world, but with the artifact destroyed, had no way of getting back, and it was her duty to find a way to rescue him, and control this evil pokemon. She refused to be ‘responsible’ for the death of another being.

Milanda began to travel Sinnoh again, stopping in every small village, asking about every local legend and only travelling back to the league for her required matches. Eventually, she came to the attentions of the organization “Mastery”, who attacked her and her pokemon and tried to capture her. Realizing she was about to be defeated, Milanda entrusted the Masterball of Girantina to Sharkbait, and ordered her pokemon to run into the forest and rivers, then come after her. The agents of Mastery used darts to knock out Milanda, Alliniere and Starraptor, and seperated them. Milanda was subjected to their experimental procedures, injected with nanomachines to try to give her psychic abilities like those of Espeon.

Her pokemon followed the kidnappers, and subsequently freed their Trainer and fellows, while in a partnership with Sonata Staccato, while escaping, the pair were confronted with an abomination of nature and technology.

Milanda Vilon

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