Sonata Staccato


Full Name: Sonata Alexander Staccato
Family Nickname: Prom Night
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 26 at start, 28 on twitter
Hair: Gray, in a ponytail
Eyes: Turquoise
Clothing: Long sleeved purple shirt under a ripped black tank top, baggy black cargo pants, red converse, chain necklace, blue do-rag
Religion: Mewist
Trainer ID: 16826
Date of Birth: April 1
Place of Birth: Floaroma, Sinnoh
Ability: Understands the language of Pokemon, like an unscrupulous Dr. Doolittle
Fiel – Gardevoir
Simeon – Mismagius
Elial – Lucario
Kab – Kabutops
Finneas – Flareon


Sonata was conceived by Ben Marcato Staccato and Elise (just Elise), a student and a homeless girl in a passionate and forbidden relationship, on the night of the boy’s prom. Upon discovery of the pregnancy, Ben and Elise were married and moved into the basement of Ben’s father’s trailer. Sonata was born on April 1st, and due to his father finishing school and his mother working to pay rent, he was mainly raised for his formative years by his anti-socialist grandfather. It was Arghul who planted the seeds of mistrust for the system in Sonata’s mind, as well as distancing him somewhat from his mother.

When Sonata turned four, his mother became pregnant again, and together with his parents, he was kicked out of his grandfather’s house. They moved into what was literally a shack in someone’s back yard for almost a year, during which time Elise gave birth to a second son, Forte, and Ben’s Multiple Sclerosis was diagnosed. What little disability they could get managed to place them in a tiny, cramped house on the edge of town where they would permanently settle.

In Kindergarten, Sonata’s maladjustment became apparent in his interactions with his peers. Thanks to his grandfather, while other children his age thought doodiehead was a cutting insult, Sonata was using words like ‘thankless whore’ and ‘commie bastard.’ This, combined with his ill-fitting, moth-eaten clothing caused him to be quickly shunned by his peer group. With his few toys being gummed by his baby brother, busy parents, and lack of friends or television, Sonata began to wander in the woods behind his house, where he discovered that he could understand the language of Pokemon, though they mostly avoided him. That year, his parents had another child – their first daughter, Clarinette.

From then on, the cleft between Sonata and his schoolmates only grew. When his parents and their wallets could no longer keep up with his growth, there was a period where there was only one set of shoes between the children, whom his mother kept having as birth control continued to fail Elise and Ben. As the main caretaker of the children, Ben often had his hands full between quarrelsome Clarinette and inquisitive Forte. When Legato came along, Sonata, then six, often took care of his youngest sibling so that his father would have time to rest. This led to Legato rapidly becoming Sonata’s only friend in the world, as well as his partner in adventure, since Sonata would often swaddle him up and take him into the woods with him, something he would arrange so that his disabled father would be unable to stop them.

It was around eight that Sonata began coming home with bruises and cuts. His parents talked to the school counsellours about it, but his behavioural issues and woodsy smell prevented the other children from empathizing with him too greatly. To them, he was antisocial, acted inappropriately too often and looked gross, which was enough to earn their distaste, especially when some of them had parents at home urging them against befriending the boy with the strange family. Since Sonata did not have enough positive experience with his peers to know how to act properly, most of his socialization being with his abrasive grandfather, he did not understand how to act any differently than he was. This resulted in animosity between him and his agemates, which led to fights the smaller Sonata usually lost. At ten, he hit puberty, causing him to develop body hair far before the rest of his class and gaining him the nickname ‘Piloswine.’ Legato was the only friend he had. Before Legato even reached school, he had learned to tend injuries.

Middle school was even worse than elementary school. Sonata had neither the money nor the desire to leave on a Pokemon Journey for a professor, so he continued in his education with the children who showed promise in everything but what he was good at – wandering. Isolation and frustration made him even more strange in his ways, and none of his peers, male or female, would be caught even speaking to him for fear of attracting the attention of those who were developing aggressive tendencies and taking them out on the easiest target. Sonata spent long hours hiking in the woods, both alone and with Legato, sometimes staying out overnight if he could get away with it. Occasionally he could strike up a conversation with a Pokemon, who often had valuable tips about surviving in the wild. As such, it wasn’t uncommon for his classmates to catch him speaking seemingly to himself, lowering him in their eyes even further.

These hikes would be what led to one of the single biggest events in Sonata’s life. He had taken to carrying an exacto knife into the forest for protection, and one day, when someone tried to steal his first new shoes in a long time from him, he pulled the knife out. The school guidance counselours advised his parents to send him to an institute to be treated, and his parents, with what little money they had, chose to pay for him to go against his wishes. Terrified, far away from home, and trapped, Sonata spent his first night miserable, and on his second night, his roommate killed himself. Due to his behavioural problems, history of violence, blunt personality, and antisocial tendencies, and history of speaking to himself, though he was still a minor, he was considered high risk for schizophrenia. Physical resistance to security and repeated attempts to break out eventually got Sonata put on numerous medications which had a tranquilizing effect on him.

Sonata Staccato

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